Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to monetize youtube channel

All YouTube creators can apply Partner program is available in your country. Once a channel reaches 10,000 public channel views, it will be reviewed to join the Partner program. You can view your channel's count at Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Facebook Ads Not Delivering

When Facebook shows Ads not delivering, then your creatives has more text.
You can check your creative here

on this link you can upload your creative and see the whether the ads will run or not see this image.

Now once you upload the image, you can see this. If the image text is high or medium your ad will show facebook ads not delivering.

Now the image text should be 20%. You can check this with this link

Click on boxes were text is written and see the counting like this

Now the percentage should not increase more than 20%. So you to have check everytime if you doing facebook ads.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dharamsala McLeod Ganj Visit

Some pics taken during visit to Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj

Friday, June 5, 2015


Nobody knows the name of architecture or the persons who has made the tower in which you are sitting but we all know the names of film makers and singers…whats so fuss about creativity, if a person is good singer SO? The creativity, hardwork, commerce involved in making a building is far superior then singing or dancing....

Secret of happiness....finally

Always buy a samsung phone , buy Herohonda bike, go for MBA after graduation, make less frnds, sleep at 9, don’t fall in love-go for arrange marriage, enjoy sajid and farah khan movies, be skeptic, smile less, be rude, drink coke, don’t form your opinions,  always follow the crowd, never reply to miss calls...

Prashantism continues -

Never talk to a girl when you are drunk....


want to see live multimedia presentation? see any human species at the time of catching fast train...

Prashantism on love

 "We will travel , we will see movies, we will fight , we will laugh and we will see dreams holding each other always.... As I believe There is always some madness in love... BE WITH ME ….COME…M waiting..."


i am trying to pretend what i am not ....just to please someone....

Normal world

 It's strange "the more you criticize the more your thoughts are valued "

purpose of confusion

confusion keeps you busy...but will take you no were. Ah! were you want to go thats the question which is other confusion..

Hate love hate love flattery a form of hatred...may be!!! I love u, and will always hate you....always ...always.... "


when our thoughts don't have grammar why the language has...